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Experts in Commercial Electricity Rate Comparison

Are you confident you’re getting the best deal from your business energy supplier? Our Leicestershire-based business compares energy deals for customers across the UK, saving money and time. We’re here for you, offering you the chance to speak to an energy expert about cutting your business’s electricity bills today. We’re experts in comparing commercial and business electricity rates, and you’re guaranteed a complete service with Asian Energy Consultants UK Ltd.

Commercial Electricity

Whether you’re on a single rate, day/night, or evening and weekend tariffs reading, we can provide up to date pricing from all major suppliers.

Regardless of your usage, using us to compare potential costs from various suppliers can make significant savings on your energy bills. We specialise in providing consultancy services to small to medium enterprise (SME) businesses. This is most commonly distinguished among suppliers by either how much you spend each year on your energy or what’s known as the ‘profile class’ of your meter.

As well as providing a Consultants service, we can help to explain your energy supply, giving you a more rounded understanding of what you’re paying for.

Comparing Offers

Offers are notoriously difficult to compare. Different suppliers bundle different elements together, which makes the precise factors very difficult to isolate. Potential suppliers can be asked to respond to a customer request by listing the various aspects of the prices and charges that are to be applied.

Half Hourly 00 Tariffs

Half Hourly Meters or “00” electricity meters have a peak load above 100kW and are equipped with a ‘half hourly’ primary meter. These commercial electricity meters cover all sites that have a large commercial supply of electricity, and the electricity meter is read every 30 minutes of the day, hence the name half hourly meter. This means that total consumption is recorded every half hour, and this information is automatically retrieved from the meter and passed directly to the energy supplier ensuring your energy bills are accurate.

If you are a large customer you must have a contract based on readings taken each half hour period during the day. These are known as half-hourly metered contracts and the price of electricity will vary depending in part of the national demand for power at particular times in the day. Large customers must have appropriate metering (Code 5 or above) which are operated and maintained by an approved meter operator (MOP). The data from these meters must also be collected by an approved data collector (DC). A full list of approved meter operators and data collectors is available from the industry regulator, Ofgem.

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